About The Board

2024 Board of Education

Members of the BCS Board of Education are (L-R): Dustin Schlachter, Debra Opdycke, Caleb Turnbull, Ben Camarillo and Lynn Wieland.


The Bryan City School Board of Education is comprised of five members, elected by the people. They serve four year terms and are elected on a staggered basis. Board members annually elect a President and Vice President.

Meetings are are being held in the Bryan Elementary Commons, beginning at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted. See the schedule of the upcoming Board Meetings on the Board menu above under Meetings/Minutes.

All meetings, with the exception of those noted Executive Session, are open to the public. Occasionally, the Board will hold a special meeting when district matters need immediate attention. Bryan City Schools notifies the media of all regular or special meeting dates, as well as any date or location change well in advance of the meeting.

Duties of the School Board include setting district policy, appointing a school superintendent and treasurer, providing educational opportunities for all students of the district, overseeing the annual budget, and entering into contracts with all personnel in the manner required by Ohio laws.