Ryan Eberly
Transportation Director

Transportation for the 2020-2021 School Year

  1. All changes MUST go through the Transportation Office from the parent and/or guardian of the student.
  2. Requests/Notes to ride a bus to a location other than the assigned stop are NOT accepted.
  3. Students will have one primary location for pickup and drop off.
  4. Parents may request an alternate site, however busses will not be re-routed.
  5. Requested Transportation changes will take effect as follows.
    1. Two (2) day notice for locations that are not a current stop.
    2. One (1) day notice for locations that are a current stop, including shuttles.
    3. No changes will be made the day of after 12pm.
  6. Drivers will only use their horn when backing or if there is a danger present while loading or unloading students.
  7. State of Ohio requires students to be at their Place of Safety prior to bus arriving. ORC 3301-83-08 Sec C,1

For more information please check out ODE's School Transportation FAQ's.

Please know that student pick-up and drop-off times are approximate.

*BCS families will no longer be filling out the Bus Transportation Request form. All bus requests will now be a part of the Online Student Registration.

Bryan City Schools
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Safety of your child is my number one concern; The State of Ohio has rules we are required to follow to assist in the safe transportation of students. Those may be viewed by selecting the link on the bottom of this page in the Transportation folder.