Bryan City Schools is committed to the growth of all students, including those that are identified as being gifted by the State of Ohio. In the elementary school, gifted identification testing for reading, math, superior cognitive ability and creative thinking skills takes place in 2nd and 5th grade. Gifted services are provided in various capacities in grades 3, 4 and 5. In the middle school, a gifted enrichment class is offered every other year. This class helps to grow students' skills and passions using a "Genius Hour" approach. There are also services through many honors classes and accelerated high school classes such as Spanish I, Algebra I and Science. Students can be identified as gifted in visual and performing arts in middle school as well. In the high school, gifted students can receive services by enrolling in some Advanced Placement classes, College Credit Plus classes and some Honors classes. Students can also be identified as gifted in math, reading or science by their ACT scores. Many teachers have chosen to pursue coursework and/or additional licenses to provide services to gifted students. Bryan City Schools will continue to look for areas to expand our current offerings for gifted students.

Our new 2021-22 Gifted Services Coordinator is Mrs. Betsy Zuver.  She can be reached at


Ohio Association for Gifted Children

Ohio Department of Education on Gifted Education