Our mission: To facilitate maximum learning for every student at Bryan City Schools.  

In order to fulfill the mission, Bryan City Schools staff members embrace the model of professional learning and collaboration. We are engaged in continued discussion of the following questions as part of our professional collaboration and work to increase student achievement:

  • What do we want students to know, understand, and be able to do in each course or curricular area?
  • How do we best assess student learning for each course or curricular area?
  • How do we help all students succeed?
  • How do we help those students who learn what they need to know but may be capable of extending that learning even further?

One of the key components of professional learning is ongoing teacher collaboration and reflection focused on the goals of increasing student achievement and fostering College and Career Ready students. All professional development for the staff of Bryan City Schools is designed with that goal in mind. Teachers of all grade levels and departments meet regularly and engage in ongoing work around Bryan City Schools curriculum & instruction.